Our founder, Sonya Bersani, is the mother of two beautiful boys, Eric and Jack. Her eldest, Eric is on the spectrum, having been diagnosed with Autism early in life. When Eric turned 13, Sonya started to realize there wasn’t much in terms of assistance for adults with Autism & IDD. This left her in the same position many parents find themselves in: scared for their child’s future independence.
Sonya took a step back and asked herself what her options were, and found herself surrounded by many influential people who may be able to help. She felt called to be the instigator of change, and has been working tirelessly to build a community where adults with Autism & IDD can live. Her connections in The Woodlands as a loan officer have given her a platform to stand on, and a place at the right tables for building a neighborhood. 
We acquired our first plot of land in November of 2021. The community we dream of building is just on the horizon, and we can’t wait to show it to you!
In 2020, the Autism Housing Network estimated there are 7.37 million adults in the United States with Autism and/or I/DD. Of those adults, only 17% receive publicly-funded housing assistance, leaving 6.14 million without. 
It’s clear we have an abundance of individuals who would benefit from affordable housing. In 2017 it was reported by the US government that 449,631 individuals with Autism & IDD reside in the state of Texas. Of these individuals, more than 300,000 live with an aging caregiver. 
Providing affordable housing with intentional design, employment opportunities, and community involvement will help ease this burden on families as well as the demand on government funding.
We dream of creating a small pocket neighborhood filled with quaint homes where adults with Autism & IDD can live on their own or with friends. The community will see a clubhouse for events, therapy, and a work space. These friends of ours deserve to have security and stability in their lives, and their parents deserve to have the weight caused by uncertainty in what their child’s future will look like removed from their shoulders. We strive to offer them that.
There have been few developments pioneering embedding a community within a community to accommodate these individuals, while the population continues to grow. At the rate of growth of individuals with Autism & I/DD alone, residential development plans should be devised to include a safe place for this population to be cared for. Somewhere that won’t bankrupt families, while offering substantial value to its surrounding community – including the opportunity to share in the bigger vision of compassion and humanity. 
That’s what we bring. 
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The NeighborBridge is founded in love. We know what it’s like to look for resources and find holes instead.
We strive to fill some of those gaps.
We strive to create a community that will provide our children with stability in adulthood so they can live long, fulfilling lives.
We strive to do better as friends, family members, neighbors, and allies.

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